Uncle Petro!

For those who know anything about anything to do with graffiti will know this man…..

Many artists claim to live their art, but very few actually do.
Most actually live in a purpose built unit in hackney.

Petro is not one of these artists.
Traveling the world looking for the next experience. His work is autobiographical, visceral and brave. He is a born printmaker and sentimentalist.
Few people have the balls to live like this and it makes the work incredibly special.

His print based works are fearlessly simple.
Capturing the physical process of mark making,
the concentration and devotion to repetition.
This is his nature on paper. It feels instinctual.

His sculptures are collections of objects he finds or generates whilst traveling.
Arranged into symmetrical patterns either on walls or in cabinets.
What you see as a viewer is not just an arrangement, it’s a document.
A brief glimpse of life through someone else’s eyes.






About yousaveyou

You SaveYou are an acoustic punk blues duo following the lineage of traditional music still played in packed pubs and bad places where good people go. With Spanish tinged blues guitar and gut bucket vocals the duo of Chris Weekes and James Wood spin tales of loose lives, love and good times.
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