If Valerie June had been a roots artist in America 80 years ago, and she often sings as if she was, she might have been a principle influence on today’s myriad retro troubadours, hers a stunningly emotive amalgamation of blues, folk, gospel, soul, Appalachian and bluegrass (including irresistible banjo). She exists, however, today, an artist as modern as an iPod Shuffle, a musician for the generation which carries the entire history of recorded music so casually inside its phone.

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Oh I see Thee Oh Sees

Check these rippers from Cali


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The Blues Explosion was there first. They are the original. It was their sanctified outbursts and mind-bending riffs that began the new-fangled roots rock revolution and spawned countless imitators. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion has blazed a furious trail into the future with incendiary spirit built from courage, audacity, and revolt. Nothing has been the same since.


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Durkle Disco Is Definitely Fresh Yo!


Welcome to the world of the Durkle Disco…

Already home to the hugely talented and hotly-tipped Central Spillz collective, Durkle Disco aims to provide a platform for rap-driven music with a distinctly British and modern edge. That means potent, witty lyricism running rabid over bass-heavy, electronic beats that absorb and reflect the UK’s multi-faceted dance-music culture of the last two decades….

While the American hip-hop luminaries of the 80s and 90s reworked the soul, funk and rock that had soundtracked their formative years, the new breed of British rappers and beatsmiths behind which Durkle Disco stands draw from the bass-ridden, rave-centric sounds of their upbringings on this side of the Atlantic, to create a fresh and inspiring take on rap music that speaks directly to the ravers of today.

So, whether the beats are hip hop, dubstep, grime or garage, D&B, funky or house; at the Durkle Disco… anything goes. With forthcoming releases from the likes of Se Fire, Kahn, Superisk, Fused Forces, Central Spillz, OH91 & Unkey it’s well worth keeping an eye Durkle Disco

Need more info click the link
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So Killer Mikes album is the nuts. YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!

  Killer Mike blindsided fans by announcing his next LP release, ‘R.A.P. Music,’ would be produced entirely by Brooklyn indie hip-hop hero El-P

The unexpected pairing resulted in a powerful, Bomb Squad-inspired sonic assault, at once a throwback to the hard-spitting days of early boom-bap and a futuristic sound all its own.


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You Save You Get Filthy!

Get your little tweeters down to Hoxton Sq! Friday 3rd August for some FREE fun times!



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Something for the sunshine!

Introducing YOU SAVE YOU!

You Save You are an acoustic punk blues duo following the lineage of traditional music still played in packed pubs and bad places where good people go. With Spanish tinged blues guitar and gut bucket vocals the duo of Chris Weekes and James Wood spin tales of loose lives, love and good times.
Having previously been a four piece band the duo decided to go it alone with just vocals and acoustic guitar in order to be as manoeuvrable a unit as possible in order to play any time and any place without the restrictions of being in a band whilst still delivering their high energy and spirited songs. The duo have maintained a rowdy aesthetic whilst stripping back the music in keeping with classic traditional song writing inspired by the likes of the Dubliners, The Pogues and Bob Dylan. Having played in some of London’s most well-known venues and other places far and wide as a band the duo are now ready to embark on a string of live gigs as just the two of them. Their style firmly keeps the sleeves rolled up and the faces dirty they are a truly unique act who have clashed and moulded styles of old and come up with something new, direct and full of feeling.



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Listen to Listener!

Listener is an experimental spoken word band that started in 2002 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It deviates from hip-hop collective Deepspace5, Listener is composed of Dan Smith as both vocalist and lyricist and Christin Nelson as composer.[1] Their music has been described as “Talk Music”. A style that has been describerd as being: “a wide spanning style that features a heavy vocal element that is neither screamed, sang, or just spoken. The lyrics are more like ranting poetry.”

Bloody good stuff!





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Uncle Petro!

For those who know anything about anything to do with graffiti will know this man…..

Many artists claim to live their art, but very few actually do.
Most actually live in a purpose built unit in hackney.

Petro is not one of these artists.
Traveling the world looking for the next experience. His work is autobiographical, visceral and brave. He is a born printmaker and sentimentalist.
Few people have the balls to live like this and it makes the work incredibly special.

His print based works are fearlessly simple.
Capturing the physical process of mark making,
the concentration and devotion to repetition.
This is his nature on paper. It feels instinctual.

His sculptures are collections of objects he finds or generates whilst traveling.
Arranged into symmetrical patterns either on walls or in cabinets.
What you see as a viewer is not just an arrangement, it’s a document.
A brief glimpse of life through someone else’s eyes.





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